Wednesday through Saturday, January 1 through 4—More Rain and Cold, and Finally Sunshine

Wednesday and Thursday saw us hunkered down in the motorhome as rain continued to fall Wednesday, and temperatures hovered in the 40s and low 50s.  While that doesn’t sound too bad, we are in an RV resort that quietly emphasizes outdoor activities, and a motorhome can get small after cohabitation for several days in a row!  Dance lessons at Mission West RV Resort on Thursday morning provided some relief, and warming temperatures allowed us to get outside in the afternoon.    During the course of all the rain, our internet service has been on the blink, and my MacBook computer has slowed to an almost standstill.  Our internet provider replaced the modem, which gave us the 3 mbs for which we are paying, and after taking what seemed like countless steps to get the computer up and running, I finally opted to reload the operating system, an 8 hour download.  This took all night, but the results resulted in the Apple regaining it’s speed.  I believe the slow computer was partially the result of poor internet reception.  


The “warming” trend continued Friday, but the combination of still cool temperatures, wind, and soggy ground make butterflying and birding near impossible.  And the absence of bicycling and taking photos makes for a dull several days, and to have so many things pending creates a bit of anxiousness.   However, getting the internet modem exchanged and the computer back up and running is a plus.  A steady drip from one of the overflow pipes underneath the motorhome erased the feeling of elation.  I though the ice maker had frozen and was creating a leak, and began the long, messy process of defrosting the freezer; it did not solve the problem.  Turning off the water to the ice maker did not resolve the issue either.  I noted the fresh water tank was full and it was only supposed to have been at one quarter of a tank.  Out of desperation and frustration, we called an RV repairman and he said it was likely the valve between the “city water” and filling the fresh water tank, and suggested blocking the fresh water to the pump.  That worked, and another call established an appointment for next week for him to replace the valve.  We have discovered that if one is going to “RV”, one has to be flexible as there will definitely be issues—but there are issues living in a “stick and brick” house as well!  We wrapped up Friday attended the first concert of the winter RV season:  Freddy and Sheila Pelletier from Birch Hills, Saskatchewan, Canada.  He had been an awesome guitarist at one time, playing for a lot of country western stars.  They played, sang, and told several funny stories.

We awoke to sunshine Saturday morning, and the day proved to be very pleasant with temperatures in the mid-70s.  On the way to Kay’s hairdresser, we picked up my bike after yet another spoke, the third, had been replaced; TREK is sending a new rear wheel, but it won’t be delivered until sometime next week.  At least, I can ride until it arrives, making sure not to venture too far away from the resort. While Kay was getting her hair cut, etc., Chuck Mercer and I rode 10+ miles through the Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park, his first ride since last spring.  It sure felt good to be outside again, and being active!  Al and Sharon invited us to their place Saturday night for bridge, and I struggled with all but one bad hands.  As an aside, Kay and I learned to play party bridge using the Goren method of bidding.  That bidding system has now gone by the wayside and replaced by the American Standard system advocated by the American Contract Bridge League.  We are having to forget our old ways, and learn a new one; it has proven challenging, if not difficult.  We both are finally putting the Goren system out of our memory, but now beginning the learning process!

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