Thursday, November 28—Thanksgiving

 My, oh my, but do we have an infinite number of things for which to be thankful.  God has truly blessed us, and though we should and do thank Him everyday, Abraham Lincoln set aside today for our nation to give thanks.

Despite the warm weather, shorts, and T-shirts down here in the RGV, Thanksgiving is a big holiday—and our Canadian friends graciously help us celebrate even though they celebrated Canada Thanksgiving in October.  Kay made cornbread in the oven using hints from last night’s viewing of YouTube, and the top racked pan did well, but the bottom was a bit undone in the center.  While the uncooked pieces finished cooking, we mixed up the dressing ingredients, and added the remaining cornbread pieces, and began the almost hour long baking.  Once again, the top pan came out great, but the bottom pan was not cooked through and through; lesson learned is to only cook one pan at a time!  At the same time the dressing was cooking, the green bean casserole was cooking outside on the electric burner.  Fortunately, all was ready bat 1:45 PM, just in time to carry over to the clubhouse for our 2 PM meal.  Our group had “reserved” two tables, and the resort furnished the turkeys and gravy, and each table (or in our case, tables) provided a pot luck assortment of food for their table(s).  Kay and I were the only US people at our two tables.  We had scrumptious food, and the pumpkin pie (from Costco) was the best I have ever eaten.  So, rather than the turkey getting stuffed, it was us who got stuffed!  Here are photos of our friends and neighbors here in the Valley, beginning with Kay and me, Paul and Lorna Graham (our next door neighbors on the passenger side; Paul is like neighbor Wayne in that he can fix anything, and Lorna is a great birder and butterfly person), Regie and Jim Miles and Debbie (Regie and Jim are our next door neighbors on the driver’s side; Debbie drove a diesel pusher motorhome and towed a car all the way from New Brunswick traveling with Jim and Regie), Shar and Brian Ward (Shar does a lot of Karaoke and has a great alto voice), Lynn and Clint Charlesworth (our neighbors in 2011), and Cherly and Ron Lowe (our other neighbors in 2011).  The rest of our circle will straggle in between December 1 and January 1. 

131128 E 001

131128 E 007

131128 E 006

131128 E 003

131128 E 004

131128 E 005

After all the food, I did a short ride (5 miles) in the Bentsen Rio Grande Valley State Park, but didn’t see any new birds.  

The rest of the evening was spent recovering from all the food!

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