Wednesday, November 27—Out and About Again

Our weather has warmed considerably, allowing us to spend considerable time outdoors, despite early morning temperatures in the low 40° range.  After our morning walk around the park and breakfast, we rode over to the National Butterfly Center to see if anything new had arrived on the winds of the recent front moving through the area.  We didn’t see anything new, but did see more butterflies than expected.  Here are a few photos.

131127 E 003

131127 E 005

131127 E 006

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we committed to bring cornbread dressing and green bean casserole, two Southern favorites.  However, each required an oven for baking, particularly the cornbread dressing, and we haven’t had overwhelming success with the combination microwave/convection oven.  I did a search on YouTube using the brand and model of the microwave/convection oven in the RV, and lo and behold if there weren’t several instructional videos!  We watched these and had a much better “understanding” of how the oven worked.  Now, tomorrow will be the real test.

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