Sunday, August 4—Lunch with the Seasonals

130803 WIMI E1 001

Our stay in Oconto, along side the Oconto River, is a “slow-down” time for us, just a short break from all the hustle and bustle of travel. We had a quiet morning, catching up on news and emails, and photo editing and writing the blog. However, the Verizon “hotspot” application on the cell phone is unusually very slow and weak for some reason, and in doesn’t have enough oomph to pull in some data like Gmail, and neither the phone’s internet accessibility nor the hotspot would pull in updates to applications. Consequently, I took an early morning drive to McDonald’s for coffee and got “up to date”. I also filled the empty Honda with gasoline at $3.629/gallon.

We joined Jerry and Karen for lunch with some 20+ other seasonals at one of the local restaurants. There are a large number of people who spend from May through September at Holtwood Campground in Oconto, before heading to Florida, Texas, or California for the winter. Winters in this part of Wisconsin can be brutal with a combination of very cold temperatures and snow. I digress. Lunch was family-style with fried chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, cole slaw, cranberry sauce, and a chiffon-styled dessert. The fried chicken was excellent, some of the best we’ve had in a long time—of course, we try not to eat fried food anymore!

We had a quiet Sunday afternoon back at the RV, and after happy hour, began preparations for departing tomorrow morning. I also replaced the fuses for the battery portion of the BrakeBuddy in hopes that the auxiliary brake would work. It worked flawlessly with the old motorhome and the Saturn, and even the old motorhome and Honda until the battery discharged a couple of times. The next thing I’ll try is to up the amperage in the fuses, and perhaps a new Honda battery, and if those fail, then who knows.

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