Saturday, August 3—Green Bay and Oconto County, Wisconsin

We joined Jerry and Karen at 7:30 AM this morning for a trip into Green Bay to shop at the Farmers’ Market, Harbor Freight, and Walmart, to see Lambeau Field where the Green Bay Packers play football, and view birding areas in the vicinity.
130803 WIMI P E 004
The Farmers’ Market was large, covering an entire block, with lots of flowers, vegetables, fruits, and food vendors selling most types of ethnic foods common to the area, cheeses and cheese products, candies, and even venison. There is a large population of Mungs in the Green Bay area, and they had the most beautiful flowers and vegetables we’ve seen.  After walking through the several rows of vendors, Jerry drove us by Lambeau Field in traffic—though it was not too bad—where they were setting up for Family Night with a intra-team scrimmage for an expected crowd of almost 70,000 fans. From there Jerry drove us to Walmart for some food and drink items, and then to Harbor Freight for disposable gloves; of course, they had advertised specials too good to pass up, and I bought wire and plastic brushes, LED flashlights, and shrink tubing. After leaving Harbor Freight we rode by several coastal areas and saw several species of birds, though none new to us. Jerry and Karen did pick up two new birds for their current year’s Wisconsin list. We found that birding can be quite competitive among serious birders, as each keeps state and national lists each year, and an individual life list. 130803 WIMI E 001 t one of the natural areas, we passed close by a couple of Sandhill Cranes, and was able to get an up close and personal photo. Spotting a Columbia outlet store, we browsed through the clothes, but didn’t find anything we had to have.
Back at Holtwood Campground, Kay and I had lunch, unloaded the bicycles, and took off for an afternoon ride. The trails were not marked well, and Kay didn’t want to ride in traffic; we split up, she rode back to the motorhome, and I continued to ride along the south bank of the Oconto River, through town, and by the campground, repeating this a couple of times for a total of almost 8 miles.
Happy hour began at 4:00 PM, and we visited until 6:00 PM at which time Jerry and Karen hosted us for hamburgers and all the fixin’s.

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