Sunday through Saturday, April 14-20, 2013—Guests

Monday, April 15 saw our first Indigo Bunting arrive in the morning.  Kay and I had appointments at the ophthalmologist that afternoon, and the news from me was not good.  My eyesight has always been exceedingly good—better than “perfect” in fact and my left eye has been the better.  Almost unbelievably, I could hardly read the letters on the wall with the left eye, a real shocker!  Dr. Wright did not recommend glasses or contacts just yet, but advised that the time was coming soon!  And a self-test of hearing revealed that my good ear, the left one, is almost completely deaf except with a hearing aid—sad times indeed.  Despite all these maladies, growing old is still a hoot.  On a happier note, the dogwoods showed their first blooms on Tuesday, April 16, and on Wednesday, April 17, the columbines bloomed along the road into our subdivision.  After our bridge lesson Wednesday afternoon, Kay drove to Little Rock for Book Club.  130419_EOn Friday, Karyn, Matt, and Ridge arrived for their annual “turkey hunting” visit.

With great weather, Ridge played outside on the patio, and loved ringing the chimes hanging from the “vertical element” in the corner.  He also enjoyed his car and other toys.  He’s definitely an outside boy.130419_E-4












We had our first ever visit on Saturday, April 21, from a Red-Breasted Grosbeak and a Blue Grosbeak.130420_E-3













Saturday afternoon our friends Jerry and Karen Smith, full timing RVers who winter in the RGV, arrived at Quarry Park for a 5-day visit.  Both are world-class birders, and we look forward to spending a few days with them.  In addition, Matt and Karyn’s friend, J.B., came by to spend the night, and the 8 of us all enjoyed a steak and potato dinner at Dunnhill.

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