Sunday through Saturday, April 7-13, 1013—The Birds Are Arriving

We had rain early in the week, and I discovered that the leak is coming from a tiny gasket near the bottom corner of the window, seeping in like water being sucked through a straw.  I applied just a dab of silicon and it did the trick; had I known earlier, I would not have had to take the molding off, and all the other work that ensued, and saving about 6 hours in the process.  On Tuesday morning, April 9, our first Ruby-Throated Hummingbird of the year arrived.  For us, this marks the beginning of spring.  130411While in the RGV, we resumed playing bridge after an almost 30-year absence.  Parts of the bidding and playing strategy came back; other parts did not.  Consequently, we vowed to take lessons and on Wednesday, April 10, we started a series of lessons on the strategy of playing bridge.  Interestingly, when I called about the lessons, I mentioned bidding using the Goren system and the instructor laughed and said that was a bit outdated.  A Northern Parula Warbler stopped by on Thursday, April 11; this is the second consecutive year they’ve visited.  With a few days of sun in the forecast, we drove to Quarry Park on Thursday to “camp” for a few days.

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