Monday, March 18, 2013—Cozumel, Mexico

We arrived on the western side of the island of San Miguel de Cozumel about 7 AM. The Mayans believed Cozumel to be a spiritual sanctuary, a sacred shrine while the Spanish Conquistadors believed it to be a gold mine, literally. Sitting due west of Cuba, and forming the western edge of a narrow pass connecting the Caribbean Sea with the Gulf of Mexico, 17th century pirates used it as a base of operations. Today, it is considered a diver’s dream, a shopper’s paradise, an archeologist’s playground, and a vacationer’s dream.


130318_E-6After breakfast, we went ashore, and caught a taxi to the shopping district, while Ron and Kaden opted to spend the day at an adventure park, complete with zip lines, ATVs, cave swimming, and kayaking.  Kay and I shopped watched people, both locals and those from the cruise ships docked nearby. We really enjoy watching people, and particularly observing people from cultures different than our own.  It makes the world seem both smaller and larger at the same time, and we realize that the US is but a cog in the world wheel, albeit a large cog. 

130318_E-11We made the 5+ mile walk back to the ship, stopping for Kay to wade in the turquoise Cozumel Channel while I photographed an iguana nearby.







We then stopped at a bar with “free” Wi-Fi to read email, check news and weather from home, and download a book from the Baxter County online library. 

Back at the Navigator of the Seas, we had lunch and enjoyed some quiet time in the sun at the pool and spa. Dinner was pretty blasé, except for the flourless chocolate cake which was great; in fact, it was the best chocolate I’ve ever eaten. The entertainment tonight was comedian John Joseph and keyboard player Johnny B.  The stand-up comedian was quite funny, and for all practical purposes could have done without his partner, the keyboardist.

Thank goodness for the free Wi-Fi; I finished another book tonight and had only a couple left before downloading another one.  As an aside, the sinus infection that has plagued me for two weeks now has fully disappeared.

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