Saturday, March 16, 2013—New Orleans and Navigator of the Seas

Two o’clock AM sure came early, particularly after catnapping only a few hours. 

Navigator of the SeasAfter a cup of coffee, and some fruit and cottage cheese, we headed out the driveway, bound for New Orleans.  We took a shortcut to Pine Bluff through Sheridan, and then drove south to Vicksburg, Mississippi, where we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel. And then, we took another shortcut to I-55, arriving in New Orleans shortly after 11 AM.  (I used to drive this route when living in New Orleans in 1977-1981.)  We missed our turn to the cruise ship terminal because of bad directions for parking from Royal Caribbean, but finally got everything sorted out after dropping off luggage, and Ron and Kaden, and then taking over 30 minutes to park. After another 30 minutes to check in, we boarded the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas.

We met up with Ron and Kaden at the pool deck where Kaden was enjoying an overload of eye candy—lots and lots of teenage girls near his age, also on spring break, in bikinis! I have never seen so many teenagers in one place (ugh), but we have to remember this trip is for Kaden.

Our rooms were ready at 1 PM, and Kay and I went to ours to stow our carry-ons and change from traveling clothes into swimsuits. Back on the pool deck, we got a burger and flavored water, and enjoyed the hot New Orleans sun for an hour or so.

After a brief rest we dressed for dinner (casual, i.e. shirt and trousers, no shorts or jeans) and enjoyed “slow roasted” prime rib.

Talent PhotoA long dinner resulted in our being late for entertainment—World champions in Sports Acrobatics Duo Claudio (acrobatics similar to Cirque) and comedian Carl Banks.

I finished the first of several books I hope to read on this trip.

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