Thursday, March 7, 2013—Home

Kay remained in central Arkansas to babysit grandson Ridge as he’s been sick and out of school and mommy and daddy have been missing work.  Consequently, she rose early to drove to their house before time for them to leave for work.  I quickly readied the motorhome for the final leg of the trip home, departing Maumelle Park at 6:00 AM.  I quickly made the drive home, 150 miles.  After emptying the black and gray tanks and parking the motorhome for the next few weeks, I began the lengthy process of unloading clothes, groceries, and STUFF.

With four loads of clothes to wash, the washer was put into action and on the second load, began leaking from the bottom.  We have never been real happy with the Amana washer, so a quick call was made to Kay to okay purchasing a new pair.  Shay’s, the local appliance dealer had a high quality, simple to operate pair, and delivered and installed them within an hour of my purchase, taking the old set away—one problem solved.  However, a beep kept sounding in the bedroom, so I replaced the battery in the smoke detector; it did not go away.  Another drive into town was made to buy a new smoke detector and I installed it, but the beep still did not go away.  I checked the security system, but it wasn’t the culprit.  Finally, I remembered the carbon monoxide monitor behind a chest of drawers, and sure enough, it was the origin of the beep.  I unplugged it, and had some peace of mind. By this time, I had begun to feel worse for wear, and the head cold that began on our way home Tuesday was now becoming full blown with a sore throat from drainage, etc., disrupting plans for unpacking, cleaning, etc.  What a welcome home adventure and Kay doesn’t know what she’s missing. 

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