Wednesday, March 6, 2013—Enroute to Arkansas (cont’d)

We left La Grange about 8:30 AM on Wednesday, having stopped to fill up with gasoline at a very slow pump, taking over 20 minutes to pump some 60 gallons of fuel.  We continued north on US Highway 77 to Rockdale, then northeast on US Highway 79 to Henderson, then northeast on Texas State Highway 43 to near Marshall, then US Highway 59 to near Texarkana, Texas, where we had originally planned to spend the night at the US Army Corps of Engineers Rocky Point Campground on Wright Patman Lake.  As it was still early and we were neither one fatigued, we opted to continue driving north on Interstate Highway 30 to Little Rock, arriving just before dark at US Army Corps of Engineers Maumelle Park on the Arkansas River.  Our total driving distance today was 493 miles, but it was an easy drive with only slight winds, light traffic, and fairly good roads.

After quickly setting up, we visited with Kay’s daughter and grandson, Karyn and Ridge, and had dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Maumelle, before returning to the motorhome for the evening.

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