Monday, March 4, 2013—Signing Up For Next Year

Today is our last full day in the RGV this season.
130304_EOur first order of business this morning was to reserve our site for next year.  Reservations are done on a schedule whereby those reserving for 6 months have first choice, those reserving for 5 months second choice, those reserving for 4 months third choice, etc.  For less than 3 months, there are no guarantees!  For us, it was simple enough, and we have the same site as this year—and it is one that we really like.  130304-3We have great neighbors; we’re relatively close to the laundry, swimming pool, and hot tub; and the sun is at our back during mid-day and on the driver side in the late afternoon, meaning that we have shade on our patio most of the day, even without the awning being deployed.

We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch, but had forgotten it was closed on Mondays.  We drove to a Mexican café near the US Post Office in Mission recommended by Bill and Dee Alexander (neighbors at BPVRV Resort) and were pleasantly surprised at how great the food was—now our new favorite.

Packing has proved to be relatively easy, and as of late afternoon, everything has been stowed, the tow bar has been installed, and the bicycle rack and bicycles have been mounted. We even dumped the black and gray tanks so all that is left for tomorrow morning is to undo the water hose and electrical cord, and retract the slides and jacks.
Leaving the RGV for the season is a mixed bag for us as we are anxious to get home to see kids and grandkids, and spend some time at our house, but will miss our friends in the Valley, the warm climate, the myriad of birds and butterflies, and the easy bicycling. We said our goodbyes at the palapa during happy hour, and are already looking forward to seeing folks again next season.  This was a great winter as we deepened many great friendships.
We played Court Whist at the clubhouse, and my string of bad cards continued, though I did not come in last. During the course of the game, the resort manager, Juanita, came in and announced that Richard Parker had been fired.  Richard Parker was hired to be general manager of the entire Rhodes Real Estate Development in Mission, and proposed selling RV sites at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort at very steep prices.  His style, at least as it appeared to us, was one of arrogance and attempted intimidation.  It was rumored that no lots were sold and the number of returning BPBRV Resort residents was down considerably—enough said.  Anyway, it was a good note upon which to end the night.

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