Sunday, March 3, 2013—This Season Is Drawing To A Close

We debated as to whether to go to the 9:00 AM church or go to breakfast with the BPVRV Resort bunch, and opted to go the 9:00 AM church service. Pastor Bill Duke preached another good sermon, and because this is the first Sunday of the month, we participated in Communion, one of my favorite church activities since I feel closer to God during this ceremony than just about any other time.

After church, we hurried to McDonalds for a Weight Watchers approved Egg McMuffin, and then drove to Costco’s for some last minute items to bring home to Arkansas.

Back at BPVRV Resort, we had several choices:  RGV Borderfest, dancing at the Riverside Club, dancing at Crazy Joe’s, playing bridge, or doing nothing—we chose playing bridge with Al and Sharon and enjoyed a nice breeze as we played in the palapa.  As has been the case the last several weeks, I was dealt really bad hands, and didn’t even make the most of what was dealt, coming in dead last for the umpteenth time.

After bridge, other neighbors began gathering in the palapa for happy hour, and we had a full house with several discussions going on simultaneously.  Generally, there will be a couple groups of women and a couple groups of men each talking about something different.

We watched television this evening, winding down our season in the RGV.  Tomorrow, high temperatures are forecast to be near 90 degrees, so we’ll enjoy the pool and spa one last time.

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