Wednesday, February 13, 2013—Pegs and Jokers

Pegs and Jokers Game Set - Tennessee Red CedarThere isn’t much to report today—I’m a little under the weather; several folks in our circle have had or now have a cold, aka the Texas crud.
Kay exercised this morning, and I walked.  Chuck and I went on a grueling 17-mile bicycle ridge on the Roadrunner Trail and through city streets to near McAllen and return.  The wind was strong against us a good portion of the way, but we still averaged over 9 miles per hour.
We joined neighbors in the palapa for happy hour, and played “Pegs and Jokers” with Al, Sharon, Chuck, and Sue in the evening.  It was a competitive night with the men winning the first game, and the women edging out the men in the second game by one play of the cards.

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