Fat Tuesday, February 12, 2013—Mardi Gras

After our morning walk, Kay did laundry, while I cleaned the interior of the motorhome. We do these two chores about twice a week, minimizing the amount of clothes we pack ridding the motorhome of dust brought in by the almost constant winds over the Mexican desert just south of us.

130212_EWe joined our neighbors at 4:00 PM for happy hour at the palapa.  The photo shows us today, circling up, and talking about everything, including the weather.  Typically, the men have one or more conversations and the women have conversations.

We all were entertained by a parade of mostly bicycles celebrating Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras.  It seems that residents of BPVRV Resort are always looking for any excuse to have a party or enjoy good times. We even got beads and candy tossed our direction.





Several of us attended the Vipers basketball game later in the evening. The Vipers are a “”D” league professional basketball team. Royce White, a first-round draft choice of the Houston Rockets had been sent down to this minor-league team after an absence of several months, playing basketball. His is an interesting story—he suffers from mental illness, i.e. OCD and anxiety disorder. He first refused to fly to games, then refused an assignment to the minor leagues; he finally acquiesced and is traveling in a highly customized bus, i.e. a $1,000,000+ motorhome. He was not that impressive, but must be awesome to have been the #19 pick overall. We immensely enjoyed the night, however, and there was far more going on outside the court than on the court.

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