Tuesday-Wednesday, February 5-6, 2013—Bridge and Bicycling

Tuesday was pretty much a lost day.  After our morning routine, Kay washed a couple of loads of clothes. She went to the jam session in the afternoon, we joined neighbors for happy hour at the palapa, and played bridge in the clubhouse in the evening.  It was a good bridge night, but neither of us won total points for the evening.

After our Wednesday breakfast and our morning walk, 130206_EI installed an odometer/speedometer on the bicycle mainly to monitor distance traveled. Chuck Mercer and I went on a bicycle ride on the “Road Runner” trail; there were a number of riders today, and even some Chachalacas, but no roadrunners (Chachalacas are large, noisy, mainly brown birds from the genus Ortalis found in wooded habitats in the Rio Grande Valley, Mexico, and Central and South America). Chuck and I rode a total of 10 miles, averaging just over 9 miles per hour—not too bad when one considers that we had a very strong headwind against us about half the way, and almost no wind assist the other half.

Al and Sharon invited us to play bridge in the evening, and I had the worst hands of the season. Obviously, I finished last but Kay had outrageously good hands and finished with five points.

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