Monday, February 4, 2013—Just a Normal Day in the RGV

Maintaining a daily blog is proving difficult; not so much because of the effort involved, but because we do so many things that it’s difficult to find time to actually write the blog and incorporate photos.

After waking, coffee, email, and newspapers, Kay left for exercise class in the Clubhouse and I walked a couple of miles in the resort. While not feeling bad, I have not been 100% for a few days—perhaps too much sun, perhaps just going full blast for too long. Consequently, I have not ventured out on the bicycle nor have I been going to the pool and spa; I haven’t even been to the National Butterfly Center or the Bentsen Rio Grande State Park.

We played Court Whist tonight in the clubhouse—Kay’s first time to play this game. Regrettably, she got really bad hands and was unable to score many points. I however got good hands and had good partners and finished with five points for the night, getting the ante of quarters deposited by the players—a grand total of about $7.00.

We finished playing cards early enough to watch a couple of recorded television shows before calling it a night.

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