Saturday, January 19, 2013—Back to Normal

We awoke from a great night’s sleep, and enjoyed a walk through the resort.  The weather has returned to almost normal, though this morning was a bit chilly.
Kay returned to the woodshop to put another coat of finish on her segmented bowl, and I rode to the National Butterfly Center (NBC) to shoot some photos in the “raw” mode suggested by Gary Martins, another photographer, birder, and woodworker here at the resort.  Each time I visit the NBC, another new butterfly is “discovered”.  They have been there all along, but one’s eye becomes more discerning after thousands of butterflies! 
Back at the motorhome, the photographs were downloaded into Lightroom 4, and what a difference the “raw” mode made in image quality; thank you, Gary.  I am particularly fond of photographing butterflies that have been “damaged” in their migration, by bird attacks, etc.
Rather than play card bingo tonight, we played party bridge with Al and Sharon, and had a great time.

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