Friday, January 18, 2013—It’s A Great Life

Okay, where do we begin. It is the end of a cold week, marked by frustration with purchasing a new computer and uploading software, some which proved to be incompatible, but working out in the end, and successfully turning a segmented bowl, and experiencing an allergy reaction to the dust—this too shall pass but, we need a vacation!

Tylenol has begun to take the edge off of the allergy headache I’ve had for several days, and the weather is such that Kay and I have been able to resume our morning walks. We typically walk around and through the resort, about 2 miles. Regrettably, we had to forgo a tour of the Border Patrol facilities in McAllen this morning with friends Jim and Cheryl, and other Ozark Ridge Runners because of my allergy problems.

We are taking it easy today, and just hanging around the motorhome, except for a break to have lunch with Al, Sharon, Chuck, and Sue at Lin’s, a Chinese buffet. Lin’s had a huge assortment of food, and it was good enough that we would eat there again. Both before and after lunch, I spent a good portion of the day updating the blog after an absence of adding entries for several days.  Otherwise, things have pretty much returned to normal, and not a minute too late.

Our entertainment at resort this week, performing tonight, was the Redhead Express; this is our favorite group in the RGV.  Redhead Express is a 4 sister act originally from Alaska, and now hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. The girls have spent the past 5 years touring with their family band across the country.  They sing a mix of country and bluegrass.  I really like their song, Chasin’ Butterflies, but they have many others which we like almost as well.  It was obvious they were a crowd favorite as evidenced by near capacity attendance and constant applause.

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