Wednesday, January 9, 2013—Rain, and then Decent Weather

Last night we had heavy rain, hard winds, and a couple of power outages, but no damage as we secured all the loose objects that had accumulated outside the RV.  It continued to rain most of the morning, off and on, and we took advantage of the weather to shop, driving all the way to Donna for weaving needles, then back to Costco for groceries, and supplementing that with a trip to Walmart.

There was a note on the door when we returned requesting our presence for a bridge game, but it had already begun.  I filled in for Bessie, one of the neighbors, who opted out to help Kay get started with her Swedish weaving project.  I had forgotten most of what I knew about bridge bidding, but manage to win a hand or two, but losing the rubber.  We quit in time for happy hour, and enjoyed lively conversation, opting out of “Margarita Night” at the Activities Center; too crowded and too boisterous.  Kay and I left happy hour early to eat dinner, grilling fresh salmon from Costco.  After cleaning up dishes, we soaked a few minutes in the hot tub, and watched television.  The day disappeared without our doing much of anything.

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