Tuesday, January 8, 2012—More Bad Weather

A strong wind blew last night with some rain, and we awoke to a patio covered with leaves from nearby trees.  The wind abated and the light rain quit about mid-morning, with a forecast of severe wind, rain, lightning, and thunderstorms for late in the evening.
130108_E01After a walk around and through the resort, it was too wet for Kay to finish her recently “turned” bowl, so we rode through the Bentsen-Rio Grande State Park next door, seeing Altamira orioles, Black-crested Titmice, Northern Cardinals, Golden-fronted Woodpeckers, Red-winged Blackbirds, Green Jays, Great Kiskadees, Orange-crowned Warblers, and a lone coyote.
Back at the resort, we joined other residents of “circle” for happy hour, foregoing “Cards and Games Night” because of a forecast for really bad weather.

A quiet evening in the RV followed, interrupted by a couple of power outages and heavy rain.

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