Wednesday, December 19, 2012—Winding Down Before Christmas

Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort is winding down, as many of the Winter Texans have left or are leaving soon to return to their domicile to spend time with family.  An observation we’ve made is that Canadians live a long, healthy life, and several of our neighbors have returned to celebrate birthdays with aged parents; one turns 100 over the holidays, and another turns 94.  These do not seem to be the exception, either.  And, without getting political, most really like their Canadian health care system.

Kay took a couple of the ladies in our circle shopping today; another observation we’ve made is that several women don’t like driving on the crowded RGV highways, and others don’t like driving the 3/4 and full ton pickup trucks or the dually they use to tow their 5th wheel trailers.

My intention was to ride to a county birding park today, but with winds forecast at 25 miles per hour gusting to 35 miles per hour, Chuck, a neighbor, and I rode to, around, and through the Bentsen-RGV State Park, for a distance of about 10 miles.  The roads were out of the wind, but there were few birds available to observe today.

121215_E01We enjoyed palapa time, but only stayed an hour, and then adjourned to the activity building for margarita night.  Here’s a photo of our palapa, taken from inside our motorhome.  There are about 25 RVs in our circle, all pointed toward the palapa.  We usually have 10 to 25 people gather around most afternoons.  The activity building where the margaritas and hors d’ oeuvres were being served was crowded, too much for me, but we endured and got to know some more people just a bit better.  It will be really packed after the crowds arrive after the holidays.

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