Tuesday, December 18, 2012—Blazing Saddle Sores Breakfast Ride, V3

121218_E06Another week has rolled around again, and today was the scheduled breakfast ride of the Blazing Saddle Sores.  Chuck and Sue, neighbors in the RV resort, opted to go this morning after the long ride Chuck and I made yesterday. The first photo shows Sue riding to the restaurant, followed by a bunch of other riders.  All told, there were 22 riders, and we rode up Bentsen Palm Drive to the Taco Express.  121218_E08Their breakfast tacos were good, though the service was a bit overwhelmed by the 22 of us coming in all at one time.  The ride back was a bit more difficult as the typical morning winds had begun, and faced us the entire route back to the resort.  Vehicular traffic is very considerate of bicyclists in this part of the RGV, and we see many riders along the routes we travel.

The North American Butterfly Association’s (NABA) National Butterfly Center (NBC) entices one to visit often, and it is interesting to visit every couple of days with butterflies continuing their migration this time of year. It’s amazing just how many imperfections exist among these beautiful, fluttering creatures, including broken wings, and even missing antennae as seen in the last photo. Today, there was some activity among the butterflies despite the wind, though the birds seemed to all be hunkered down.





After all the exercise and mosquito spray, the shower, pool, and hot tub felt good.

We stayed in the rest of the day, except, of course, for “palapa time”

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