Wednesday, December 12, 2012—Butterflies and Birds

It was still cool from the strong cold front that moved in a couple of days ago.  Everyone sort of hunkered down this morning, and the resort grounds were pretty quiet.

121212_E03The day began warming just before noon, so I sprayed liberally with Repel insect repellent—it  seems to have the least odor of those we’ve tried—and picked up a pass to the Bentsen RGV State Park (World Birding Center); butterflies were everywhere, though birds were scarce.  For some reason this park staff chooses only to feed early in the morning, and consequently the birds leave the feeding areas after that.  The park administrators complain that they don’t have enough money to feed more often.  At the Green Jay feeding station, there were Green Jays, Red-winged black birds, and Great Kiskadees.

121212_E09After riding back to the resort and turning in the park pass, I rode to the National Butterfly Center; there were few visitors. The bird feeding area was rather inactive, yielding only a Golden-fronted woodpecker, a couple of Green Jays, and a couple of Great Kiskadees. The butterflies were inactive as well, though some allowed themselves to be seen and photographed.


A link to our web photo album of our stay in Texas this winter can be found at the following link:

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