Tuesday, December 11, 2012—Blazing Saddle Sores Bicycle and Breakfast Club, V.2

121211_E05It’s Tuesday, and that means time for the Blazing Saddle Sores Bicycle and Breakfast Club ride—number 2 for me.  However, the high 40s temperature, combined with strong winds discouraged all except the most brave, or “fetched” riders of which I was one; there were 7 of us—6 men and one brave woman. (It isn’t particularly easy to take a picture over the shoulder with only one hand on the handlebar; thank goodness for photo editing!)  We rode approximately 4 miles north on Bentsen Palm Drive to Nelda’s Kitchen where the food was quite good. Fortunately, the return trip was with the wind at our backs, making for a less cold ride.

We took advantage of the cold, windy weather to hang around the motorhome, catching up on odds and ends including cataloguing and editing photos and updating the blog.  The weather was not accommodating to “palapa” time, engendering us to hunker down and enjoy the quiet evening.  Tuesday night is “cards and games” night, and we learned a new game involving pegs and cards involving lots of strategy and some luck.  I was on the winning team the first time, but had trouble comprehending the concept, but Kay understood right away and was among the best players at the table.

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