Sunday, December 9, 2012—A Good Start to the Week

This morning we enjoyed our first church service in the RGV since leaving in February.  It was as if we never left, and we recognized most of the people in attendance.

After church, we drove to yet another Walmart; there are too many, and they are too convenient!

Despite a very warm day—high 80s—we rode to and around the Bentsen Palm RGV State Park, headquarters of the World Birding Center.  Note that we now wear our helmets anytime we ride bicycles.

121209_E42There were not very many species of birds in easy view, but we did see some Green Jays, a couple of woodpeckers—including this Golden-fronted Woodpecker, and some chachalacas, though no Great Kiskadees or orioles.  Even the Hawk Tower, shown with Kay on the ramp, did not provide views of any hawks.


We returned in time for the palapa party at 4:00 PM, followed by a late afternoon soak in the pool and hot tub.

As evening approached I began the process of printing our 2012 Christmas newsletter, only to find the old Brother printer was having software problems.  After finally reloading the printer driver, it began working and made it through 10 copies before finally quitting for good.  It had been a great printer, and we used it over 5-years, printing thousands of copies.  We shopped for a new one, and a found a great buy at Staples, ordering it online.  It had two-day shipping, meaning we should receive it about Friday (their two days is different than our two days any way you count it). 

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