Saturday, December 8, 2012—Back to the NBC

After our morning routine of coffee, email, and news, we went out for breakfast at Chocitas Kitchen in Palmview; this is where the Blazing Saddle Sores Bicycle and Breakfast Club rode to and ate on Tuesday morning.  From there, we drove to Walmart for a few items, including monk cloth for Kay’s upcoming Swedish weaving class, but they didn’t have the correct color.

Kay dropped me off at the motorhome, and drove to Don Wes Flea Market in Donna, TX, while I applied a copious amount of insect repellent for a visit to the National Butterfly Center (NBC)—the mosquitoes are really, really bad this year.  There were a couple of different species of butterflies than I had seen on our previous trip, and a few Great Kiskadees, making the 3-mile bicycle ride worthwhile.  We played “playing card” bingo Saturday evening, and once again I lucked out, winning one of the $0.25 rounds, for a total of $17—laundry money for the week!



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