Tuesday, November 27, 2012—We’re Headed South

It sure seems like this fall has been colder than any in recent memory. In fact we’ve had freezing temperatures off and on since mid-October–too cold for these old bones! Our plans had been to depart for the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) after Thanksgiving to avoid freezing temperatures and having to winterized the motorhome.  However, as a result of the cold weather, we’ve kept lights burning in the outside compartments where we have water lines, and a small stove (thanks to Jim and Cheryl Watts for recommending it) running inside the coach. This has caused some added work in getting everything done in order, and in combination with having the windshields replaced, repaired, repaired, and replaced again, getting road-ready has been a chore.
Nevertheless, we loaded, latched, and locked the house this morning and left the driveway at 7:40 AM. We met Bruce and Jeannie at Greenbriar, AR, at 10:45 AM. We drove to Rocky Point Park, a USACE facility, near Queen City, TX, just south of Texarkana, arriving there at 3:00 PM. Traffic from Conway, AR, to our turnoff to the campground was quite heavy, particularly semi-trucks. We particularly like this park, and there are no bad sites.

121127_E04After a bite to eat, we took a sunset walk with Bruce and Jeannie, and as we arrived at a a great view of the western sky, I missed the sun setting by about 30 seconds, but nevertheless I got a pretty good shot just as it dipped below the horizon.  We returned to the camp site and had a quiet evening to finish the day.


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