Sunday, November 18 thru Sunday November 25, 2012—Thanksgiving Week

Raking and blowing leaves off the driveway last week has proved fruitless as a bunch more fell this week!  It’s that time of year.

We started the week with a typical Sunday, and then shifted into high gear on Monday.  First thing Monday AM, I had a permanent crown installed, fearing a broken tooth while we are away the next few weeks.  Kay took care of administrative stuff like putting DirecTV on hold, and having our land line telephone service cut back to basics—we can still make and receive calls and SECURITY SYSTEM IS ARMED AND READY!  Tuesday found me at the audiologist for a hearing aid check-up—I still can’t hear!121122_2E09  On Wednesday, Jenny, Brian, and HARP came over for the holiday, and we had a blast.  We hiked Thursday to Almos Knob and Huffman Knob; I had been calling Huffman Knob Almos Knob, and Almos Knob the overhang, but a local straightened us out.  Jenny and I collaborated on dinner Thursday evening. She has inherited her Grandma Nellie’s cooking instinct and has surpassed her dad on tasting and adjusting.  Thank goodness for that as our cornbread dressing was the best it’s been in years, and vegetarian too.  She made a sweet potato casserole that was to die for as well, and Kay made some super sugar-free apple dumplings.  Kay is such a great grandmother, and took good care of HARP while we were busy in the kitchen.  Of course, we had fires outside for some ‘mores both nights Jenny and Brian were here. 




Regrettably, they had to leave on Friday for more Thanksgiving commitments, but Ron and Kaden came up for the weekend.

We just hung out on Friday, making and eating turkey gumbo and watching football.  I fished with Ron on Saturday. We drove to Norfork first, but it had one generator of discharge; SWPA had projected 0 generation after 6:00 AM until 5:00 PM, but instead ramped up to 1 generator shortly after 10:00 AM—same old story! We drove to Rim Shoals, and walked down the right descending bank as far as the path would take us. It was tough fishing; I caught 3 (one on BHFB pheasant tail, and two on tan sowbug). It began to get crowded, with over a dozen fishers coming in. We opted to leave, and noted the Norfork was slowing going down. We waded in at Mill Dam Eddy, and struggled while the water completed falling. After it stabilized, Ron took about 9 fish on gray scud and red/black zebra midge combination. There were several other fishers coming downstream in drift boats, canoes, and kayaks. One guide in a drift boat came right through the narrow lane we were fishing, and after my shaking my head, said that I didn’t own the water. Of course, he had over a hundred yards from which to choose a path, but chose the little lane where we were fishing. A lady guide behind him in drift boat, stopped short, got out and pulled her drift boat into another lane; I thanked her. We will see more and more unethical guides on the Norfork with the advent of minimum flow (be careful what YOU ask for cause I didn’t want it, anticipating this very problem along with some others we’ll see come along).

Sunday saw us with a normal morning of church and Sunday school, and the addition of Kay singing a solo at the traditional service.  We didn’t eat lunch in town, but drove home to continue preparations for our trip south to warmer weather.

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