Tuesday, October 23, 2012—Fall’s Changing Colors

121023_E01We awoke early enough to experience a beautiful sunrise over the Arkansas River and Ozark Lock and Dam.

And despite our above average temperatures, fall is in the air, at least in terms of the colorful leaves.  Kay and I walked the length of the park this morning, some 6,911 steps in all, and with low light conditions, the colors were awesome.121023-10  This year, our forests don’t seem to have the brilliant, vibrant colors typical of fall in the Ozarks, but individual trees are spectacular.

After the great early morning walk, we used some of the leftover steak from our Mesican dinner last night, in combination with hash browns, peppers, onions, and egg "product", for a protein-rich breakfast. 

We (actually Kay, as I forgot my wallet and drivers license) drove to Fort Smith to ship the BrakeBuddy back to the factory for inspection, etc., and then stopped at Harbor Freight for disposable gloves, and further up the road for a quick car wash. Finally, with all these chores done, we returned to the campground and visited with good friends Jim and Cheryl who had just pulled in and parked—we have met the nicest folks RVing!

After our long visit, We returned to the motorhome for some rest and relaxation.

Jim, Cheryl, Jim, and Joan stopped by about 5:00 PM, and we visited, sitting on the bank of the Arkansas River.  They invited us to dinner at Altus, Arkansas. Altus is a neat little hamlet set among several vineyards in western Arkansas. We ate at a restaurant called Kelts, and it was unique, to say the least. A pony-tailed, bearded gentleman, fresh out of the ’60s, met us at the door and proved to be a one-man show, i.e. he was was a combination host, chef, server, bus boy, and cashier. The Caesar salad was not too good (too vinegary), but the other food was okay, and would have been better had it been hot.

Upon returning to the campground, we watched a couple of recorded television shows, and called it a night.

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