Monday, October 15, 2012—Back to the Shop, Again

Kay will be out of town most of this week, to celebrate Kaden’s 17th birthday, see grown kids and baby grandson, and visit with “old” girlfriends.  Consequently, so that I could have a way home, we took the motorhome back to Mountain Home Glass again this morning for windshield repair/replacement.  They have been great to deal with, but unfortunately, we have leaks from their previous replacement/repair.  As has been previously written, getting the motorhome ready to travel, if only for 14 miles, is not a quick process; the cable had to be unhooked, the power cord unhooked, the tire covers taken off and stowed, mothballs removed from the engine compartment and on top of the tires, LED lights unplugged and stored (these latter two items for rodent control), and the jacks retracted.  And then, the motorhome has to be wiggled around the driveway in order to drive down the hill to the street.

Now, we’ll have to pack and get ready for an RV rally, IF the motorhome is fixed!

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