Sunday, October 14, 2012—Worrying Myself Sick

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, but…

If you regularly read this blog, you might recall that we received a chip in the windshield on February 1 this year near Edinburg, Texas.  A few days later we had the chip “sealed”, the $40 special, and we were back in business.  Then when camping in early August we noticed that the chip had turned into a crack and had extended several inches.  We made arrangements through State Farm Insurance to have the windshield replaced at Mountain Home Glass.  We cut our camping trip short and delivered the RV to Mountain Home Glass on August 21 for the replacement.  We retrieved the motorhome on Friday, August 24, and about a month later, September 25 returned to Quarry Park for another short “close-to-home” camping trip. After a brief early morning rain, we noticed a couple of leaks on the inside of the windshield, and they reappeared after a heavy dew a couple of mornings later.  We called Mountain Home Glass and explained the situation and we agreed to take the motorhome back to them on Tuesday, October 2.  We did, retrieving it again on October 4.  Well, with more rain the last couple of weeks, we see that the leaks have not stopped, and are in fact getting worse.  We called Mountain Home Glass again, and will be delivering it once more to them tomorrow, October 15.  Now, realize that it is a major chore to move the motorhome; it’s similar to getting it ready for a trip. They told us they plan to remove the windshield and reset it.  That’s a start in the right direction though statistically, about 60% of the time, windshields are broken during the removal process, which will lengthen the process considerable, and we have made plans to attend a rally the following week.

In all my attempts to pinpoint the leak (play on words), my neighbor and good friend pointed out that the windshield was installed at a tiny bit of a skew, making it even more difficult to remove.  As part of a forensic engineering effort, I put a strip of tape covering the bottom edge of the top gasket surrounding the windshield near where the leaks were observed.  Today, I removed the tape, and voila, at least a tablespoon of water poured poured out. It is apparently making its way to and then running along the top of the windshield glass, taking advantage of any openings to seep into the inside.  We are both concerned about damaged to ceilings, panels, and possibly delamination if this persists, and I have managed to literally worry myself sick, to the point of being nauseous. Discovering, or at least having assurance what the problem specifically is provides some relief.  Now, if we can only get it fixed! Our confidence in Mountain Home Glass’ ability to get this right is waning considerably, and it costs about $25 just in gasoline for us to make a round trip there and back, not counting the time ready the motorhome for the trip, etc.  We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

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