Saturday, September 29, 2012—Nothing on the Calendar

There is nothing on our calendar today; amazing!  We might have to go back to work to find something to keep us busy!

Our daily walk took us down by the river, and it was amazing to see the line-up.  There were 10 fishers in a line about 30 yards long—almost within arm’s reach of one another.  Regretfully, we did not have a camera, and when we returned they had almost all disappeared.


We’ve met lots of the campground “neighbors”, and most are seniors from within a few hours who visit and stay here often.  After one has camped around the area a few times, a lot of the same faces begin to show up; it’s a small world.

After a leisurely morning, we drove back to the house for lunch and some “serious” computer work requiring WiFi.  I balanced the checkbook, got the blog up to date, sent a few emails, and surfed the net.  Since we were in no hurry, we spent the entire afternoon there.  It was kind of like a short visit, and quite pleasant.

From some reason,our high definition (HD) televisions were cutting of the picture on each side, and it had become frustrating.  Finally, after calling DISHTV, the fix was simply pushing the “*” button on the DISHTV remote control, which is also the “Format” button.  I had pushed it previously, without any results, but one must push it several times to reach the HD format.  By putting this in the blog, hopefully, we’ll remember next time.  Anyway, we watched television recorded from Friday night, wrapping up the evening.

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