Friday, September 28, 2012—Finally Relaxed

We arose early to the sound of rain thumping on the motorhome roof, and thunder and lightning too close for comfort.  It rained on and off for a couple of hours, and we were not able to discern a leak in the newly installed front windshield, though there is evidence that one has occurred in the past few weeks.

Despite “camping”, our clothes still need laundering.  After breakfast, we drove the short distance home, and washed, dried, and folded 3 loads of clothes.  In addition, while at the house and with WiFi, I caught up on our household bookkeeping and balanced the checkbook, making sure all our bills were paid.  Sometimes, we get so busy “on the road” that one will slip through if we don’t constantly check.  Fortunately, most have automatic payments drafted from our account, but we still have one or two laggards.

120808By the time we returned, everything had dried out allowing the motorhome windows to be cleaned.  It’s amazing how much road grime, dust, and gunk can build up on the front windshield and side windows. Our view out sure seems better than before.

Several RVers left the park today, but others have come in, many for the Federation of Fly Fishers Southern Council Conclave.  It is a good time to avoid the rivers with some 1,000 fly fishers visiting the area.

We visited with our neighbors who are from Mountain View.  My sister met them at Devil’s Fork Campground on Greers Ferry Lake a few days ago and told me they were coming to Quarry Park.  You should have seen the look on their face when I asked them if they had been at Devil’s Fork, and if they rode bicycles!  After talking a bit, they were both retired from the US Army Corps of Engineers in Vicksburg.  Though we did not know each other, we did know a lot of the same people.

After a rushed dinner, Kay and I drove to the Geery’s to play cards with our old TLBC friends.  I came in next to last giving us a good reason to make a hasty retreat back to the campground!

and caught osoAfter all the busyness of the last few weeks, we have finally relaxed

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