Wednesday, September 26, 2012—Settling In

The air conditioning finally cooled the inside of motorhome last night, and we slept great. Tuesday’s high temperature was 94 degrees.

It was nice and cool this morning, allowing us to walk and be comfortable.  Twice around the park is about 3 miles, and quite enjoyable as we visit with other campers and walkers, see lots of birds, and this morning we saw a fox run alo0ng the woods beside us.  Wayne came by and visited, and it was great “catching up” even though we’re only a couple of miles from home. Kay called Verizon and activated a “personal hotspot” using her Apple IPhone 4.  This costs $20 per month for 2 GB.  Up to 5 devices (computers, IPads, IPhones, Kindle Fires, etc.) can hook-up simultaneously, but one can very quickly consume 2 GB, particularly streaming video, and uploading and downloading photos.  Consequently, I don’t establish a connection with “Kay’s IPhone”.  When we’re on the road, we sparingly use her hotspot, and I generally “save” all my internet work until we get to our nightly destination RV park with WIFI, or go into McDonalds or Starbucks. We also set all of our computer updates to manual to avoid a huge sink of data transfer beyond our control—lesson learned by Kay—as the cost of using over your 2 GB is VERY expensive! Fortunately, she has not gone over the allocation, yet.

We rode our bikes today as well, again enjoying seeing and visiting with other campers.

Wayne and Loretta stopped by for a visit and Loretta brought a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers she had picked along the river near their campsite.  There were 7 species in all.  Isn’t this awesome?


Kay prepared chicken parmesan for dinner and we all enjoyed a great meal.  For us, it seems like we have more time to visit and just enjoy living when we camp without all the mundane chores at home!

We forgot to record any television programs for the RV, so we did the next best thing (or perhaps the best thing), and watched 3 episodes of Downton Abbey on the IPad.  What a life!

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