Tuesday, September 25, 2012—RVing Again

This past weekend, Kay celebrated a major birthday, and we were privileged to have Ron, Cheryl, Karyn, Matt, and Ridge visit and join in the celebration—what a marvelous time!

We’ve been quite “busy” the last few weeks with a 10 day trip to the Maritime Provinces in Canada, pre- and post-trip preparations, and celebrating Kay’s BIG birthday.  RVing gives us a break from the everyday world—we don’t quite know why, but it probably has to do with an “out of sight, out of mind” mentality—even though we have the landline transferred to Kay’s cell phone, go to the house everyday when we’re close by to shower, pick up mail and packages, restock with groceries and supplies, etc.  It also lets us exercise the motor home, keeping all its systems on go.

We drove to Quarry Park, just up the road and river from the house; it was surprisingly full, but we found a good site and established our “residence” for a few days.  It only took a few minutes to level, hook-up electricity, water, and satellite, and extend the slides. We returned to the house to pickup a second car and bicycles, and now we’re all set. I have not felt great the last week or 10 days, and still not feeling 100%, I hung around inside the motorhome, and did very little.  After we got all settled, we both let our a collective big breath and RELAXED.

Later in the day, our neighbor and very good friends, Wayne and Loretta, drove their “new to them” motorhome up to Quarry Park, and quickly set up on a great site on the river.

We spent a quite evening, enjoying the sights and sounds of the campground.

As an aside, local wildflowers have apparently been laying dormant because of the severe drought.  As a result of recent rains, they seem to be blooming everywhere, and particularly along the river.  What a beautiful sight!120919_EB02


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