Monday, June 4, 2012–You Can’t Fix Stupid

The “cold” is getting better, if ever so slightly. Kay drove into town this morning for a pre-Vacation Bible School meeting; she really didn’t want to teach, but couldn’t refuse since the church is short-handed of volunteers. I visited briefly with Bruce and Jeannie, made a quick visit to the house for a shave and shower, and returned to the campground just in time for Kay and I to take Bruce, Jeannie, and their neighbors for a boat ride to hunt for driftwood. Jeannie is an artist, and will use the driftwood for carving, and as props for other artwork. When we returned to the campground, we noticed that a contractor had cut several dead trees, including this one that fell a little long of its intended target, on their jeep. As they say here in the South, you can’t fix stupid, but you can photograph it!

On a serious note, can you imagine how embarrassing it must have been for the “professional” tree cutters and trimmers.
That pretty much wrapped up the day as far as exciting things go, and we cooled our heals until bedtime.
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