Sunday, June 3, 2012–The Cold, at its Worst

I awoke this morning feeling terrible from the head cold, my worst day yet; maybe this is the turning point. Fortunately, the Crossroads Band is not leading service this morning; the Wesley Foundation from ASU Jonesboro is taking care of the whole service. Following church and Sunday School, we ate lunch at Chen’s, and returned to the campground to find Bruce and Jeannie from the AR Travelers setting up. A nearby RV was vacating a space, and an RV version of musical chairs followed, resulting in Bob and Sharon’s friends from Louisiana moving next to them, and in the process of enjoying a view of the river up close and personal, she (the friend) fell and broke her leg. Meanwhile, Bruce and Jeannie were able to occupy the site adjacent to ours. All of this made for a pretty exciting afternoon.

As evening approached, we drove Bruce and Jeannie to the house to see where we live, and to take a quick house tour.

Upon returning to the campground, I immediately took some meds and went to bed.

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