Wednesday, May 30, 2012–It’s All About the Blood

Kay and I fasted last night in preparation for our “regularly scheduled” blood work. I get uptight before these tests, anxious to hear the results of my PSA to know if cancer has returned. I can usually put “cancer” out of mind, but these tests always brings it to the surface. We drove into town and had blood drawn, then rushed to McDonalds for a breakfast sandwich and caffeinated beverage; it’s no fun doing without morning coffee. We drove back to Harp’s for groceries, mostly fruit, before returning to the campground.

Back at the campground, we had a pretty simple day with a bike ride or two around the park, and a brief walk.

The campground is pretty empty following Memorial Day weekend–just the way we like it.

My cold is slowly, but steadily getting worse, and energy levels continue to decrease. We read, watched television, and did a bunch of nothing before retiring for the night.

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