Monday, May 28, 2012–Camping Close to Home

Memorial Day weekend, and the accompanying crowds are just about all gone. Via woman’s intuition or just maybe a whim, Kay announced at 11 AM that she was driving a couple of miles up the road to Quarry Park to check on the availability of sites at this great US Army Corps of Engineers campground; I came along for the ride. She hit a home run as one of the 3 most choice sites was vacant. The Corps won’t let you “reserve” a site by putting lawn chairs, ice chests, etc. around them, so we rushed back home, she dropped me off to ready the motor home and drive it back to the campground,while she returned immediately to “occupy” the site. I quickly removed rodent control “measures”, retracted the slides, and retracted the leveling jacks, arriving back at the campground in just shy of 30 minutes. After setting up, i.e. leveling, hooking up electricity and water, and deploying the slides, we returned to the house for kayaks, bicycles, groceries, clothes, and other paraphernalia needed for an extended stay, and lastly, a call was made to DishTV to activate our account for the RV.

Back at the campground, we unloaded our gypsy caravan and stowed things as best we could. The DishTV Tailgater satellite dish was connected, but we kept getting an error message. Another call to DishTV corrected the problem–the satellite dish and receiver must be on in order to activate the account. Afterward, we rode our bikes around the campground, and settled in for the remainder of the day and night.

P.S. Since flying back from San Francisco a few days ago, I have been sneezing, coughing, and losing energy little by little; seems like a cold is coming on.

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