Sunday, May 20, 2012—Walking Among the Giants, V. 2

Today, we depart for San Francisco.

After packing for the road trip back to the city, we returned to the Giant Tree Museum parking lot for one last hike among the giant sequoias. The trail was paved, with little change in elevation, but provided a reverent end to the trip. It struck us as a bit odd that we talked in an almost whisper quietness, much like we were in church. We felt God’s hand the entire walk, and particularly as we circled the meadow surrounded by the giants. Following this solemn hiking experience, we drove to and stopped at the Lodgepole Market for a breakfast sandwich, followed by the long downhill drive back to the Bay area. The air temperature steadily increased from the 50s to the mid-90s, and traffic became heavier as we shifted from the national park’s two-lane road to the 10-lane interstate.
Back at the hotel, we were assigned a room in a building that allowed smoking in some sections, and the building and rooms as a whole were substandard. The hotel was booked full, but promised to move us tomorrow as both George and I are allergic to smoke.

After a lengthy rest, Kay and I joined Nan and George for dinner at Denny’s, and the food wasn’t half bad. We talked and laughed for way too long before adjourning back to our rooms for the evening.

In retrospect, Sequoia National Park proved to be far more substantial and worthy than we had anticipated. I will now include it among my top five!

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