Friday, April 20—Home, the Long Way

The rain forecast for last night came about 3 AM, and while the pitter patter on the roof sounded great, I dreaded getting up later, putting things away, and unhooking in the rain; guess that’s part of “camping”.  We dumped the tanks and were off towards North Little Rock by 7:40 AM.  The drive was uneventful, except for extremely deteriorated and rough interstate highway at Russellville; we believe the Arkansas highway system is in the worst shape of our lives, and it is sometimes an embarrassment to say we’re from Arkansas as other travelers comment on the state’s road conditions.

We arrived at Camping World about 11:30 AM; I arranged for warranty repairs on the hydraulic hose for the leveling jacks while Kay unloaded the refrigerator, and packed our remaining items to carry home.  We departed there about noon, and arrived home at 2:30 PM.  We really like our place in the woods, and sometimes wonder why we leave for the RVing life.  Oh well, it’s okay to enjoy both.

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