Thursday, April 19—Visiting our RV Pacesetters

Today was a quiet day as several of the guys played golf, and the ladies had lunch together.  RVs have been slowly pulling in all week for the Arkansas Razorbacks’ Red-White game on Saturday, and it was fun watching them all come in, and set up the Hog paraphernalia.  We gathered at 4:30 PM for an Arkansas Travelers official meeting, and it reminded me so much of work—and why I retired when I did.

We visited Jerry and Ann for dinner.  They retired several years ago, and traveled full time, more or less, for 4 years before building their dream house in Fayetteville, on a large wooded tract about 4 blocks from Razorback Stadium.  Kay and I had just begun RVing, moved up from a pull trailer to a B+ motorhome, and kept a very basic journal when Kay reconnected with Jerry and Ann; Jerry and Kay were high school classmates.  We had been reading their travel blog and were particularly interested in their trip to Alaska.  After thorough review of their blog and thousands of questions, Kay and I made the trip to Alaska and the rest is history.  We have found Ann’s Journal to be a great reference for places on our bucket list, and they have served as role models in their travels.  Jerry and Ann have created a lovely home in Fayetteville, and each room is like a private sanctuary.  We particularly liked their covered deck, looking out over their backyard and woods as if we were in a theater.  Regrettably and because of privacy concerns, we don’t have photographs, but we may one day see their place in Architectural Digest.  They did good!

Back at Road Hog Park, we joined other Arkansas Travelers in the pavilion, visited a short while, and said our goodbyes.  This particular rally was the most informal we have attended, and we really liked the informality.

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