Sunday, March 18—Fishing the Caddis Hatch

DATE: Sunday, March 18, 2012

TIME: 2:30 PM TO 4:30 PM

WEATHER: Low 80s, partly cloudy, windy


LOCATIONS FISHED: White River, Rim Shoals

Map picture

FLIES USED: #16 green caddis

ROD USED: Winston 8’ 6” 5-weight WT Joan Wulff Favorite

HATCHES: Midges, caddis

OTHER: I fished with Wayne and Bill.  Today was one of the rare days when the White River was wadable, and the time of year when caddis are hatching, usually making for some awesome dry fly fishing.  Wayne remained at the top of Rim Shoals and caught more fish than all the other fishers around him put together.  As we were leaving, a fisher came up to him and said he had to know what fly Wayne was using, and Wayne was forthright in telling him what he had been using.  Bill and I walked the trail downstream to the first rock pile, and fished above and below the riffle.  Caddis were coming off in about 15 minute spurts, but the fish were not keying on them.  However, there were plenty of rises to make the afternoon interesting.  I ended up with about a dozen fish, but easily missed that many more.  I had two refusals that were visible.  The sun was coming from the right side of the river looking downstream, and was at such an angle that it made anything in that direction very difficult to see.  Consequently, I focused most of afternoon on the left descending bank.  The most prolific hatch occurred about 4:00 PM, and the fish were most active during that particular hatch.  Shortly afterward, a black-bodied caddis, about a size #18, and some small midges began coming off, but we opted to leave the river.  There were 20 people fishing Rim Shoals when we left a few minutes after 4:30 PM. 

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