Wednesday, March 14—Birds and Butterflies

Our temperatures here in northern Arkansas are about 20 degrees above normal; yesterday, the high was 83 degrees, and about the same today.  We’ve had more birds at our place this year than at any time since 2005, the year after we relocated here, including more tufted titmice.  Today, we’ve observed cardinals, gold finches, Carolina chickadees, blue jays, tufted titmice, red-bellied woodpeckers, pileated woodpeckers, and purple finches.
Our visit to the National Butterfly Center the Rio Grande Valley of Texas a couple of weeks ago has heightened our interest in and awareness of butterflies, and we’ve seen several species the last couple of days.  Regrettably, they are flitting around so fast it’s impossible to study them, let alone photograph them.
We are so excited about seeing all the birds that Kay put our a hummingbird feeder, hoping to see our first hummingbird of the year in the next few days.
We have a group of 11 deer that visit the deer/turkey feeders and about a dozen turkeys, though as many as a couple of dozen have visited infrequently; the toms will be strutting before long, if not already.  Also, the wildflowers are beginning to bloom, and our next blog entry will have some photographs of wildflowers.

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