Monday, February 13—It Looks Like Sunshine

We awoke again to temperatures in the high 40s, overcast skies, and a bunch of humidity.  This isn’t the Texas we remember!

Coffee, email, and breakfast were followed by a “walk in the park”.  It takes about 30 minutes to walk all the way to the end and back, including the various circles in between.  With rain out of the forecast for the next few days, I wiped down the car with a microfiber cloth, and it looks a bit more respectable.

After lunch, the sun poked through the clouds, and we hurriedly dressed for the pool and spa, and found them to be void of other sun bathers.  The pool is heated, and felt cold until the sun totally escaped the clouds, but the hot tub was wonderful.  I should’ve taken a photo, but maybe tomorrow.

We joined neighbors from our “circle” at the palapa, a palm leaf covered area in the center of the circle, for some social time and conversation.  All of them were from Canada, but had traveled the US far more that most “Americans”, and even more than Kay and I had traveled.  Canadians really take advantage of their “holidays”, their term for vacations or trips.  We shared information about good campgrounds, and asked them many questions including major differences between Canada and the US.  Surprisingly, they commented that margarine in the US was not very good compared to Canadian margarine, and that US bread was too sweet; consequently, they bring their own margarine, and many make their own bread.  I’m convinced that our flour processors add sugar to create an addiction to their product.  There were also other differences, including processed meats.  Kay commented that we could not find Rotel tomatoes in Canada enroute to Alaska in 2009, and asked about Nabob decaffeinated coffee, a favorite of friends, John and Sandra.

There was not much to watch on television, so Kay downloaded some music tracks for the talent show Wednesday evening, and I completed editing photos and worked on the blog.

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