Sunday, February 12—It’s Raining Again

Our respite from the rain was short lived.  It began raining last night and has not stopped—and the car was pretty clean, too.

We are really enjoying the Mission First United Methodist Church.  The crowd for the 9:00 AM praise and worship service was somewhat sparse again this morning.  After the service, we visited the coffee bar and met a Winter Texan couple from Iowa; he had been a mechanical engineer for Maytag, and was a graduate of the University of Missouri, Rolla.  They had canoed both the North Fork of the White River and the Buffalo River, so we had much to talk about.

We met friends, Jim and Sheryl, who are Winter Texans from Republic, Missouri, for lunch, and then adjourned to our place to continue the visit.  We always enjoy their company, and share so many interests, particularly bluegrass and gospel music and RVing.  Because of the rain, we didn’t get to take them to Bentsen RGV State Park to see the birds, but hopefully we can visit with them a few more times before going back to Arkansas.

Yesterday’s day trip to Salineno, Texas, resulted in a bunch of new photos to download, sort, edit, and file; I spent the rest of the evening working on those while Kay read.

We’re supposed to get a break in the weather tomorrow, with sunshine forecast for most of the next 7 days.  We’ll see…

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