Wednesday, February 8—Another Rainy Day…

Rain, again!  Kay drove to HEB, a Texas grocery chain, to pick up some groceries and hor’ dourves for tonight.

IMGP0197BJim and Ginny met us about 10:00 AM, and we drove east to Donna, Texas, for the Don Wes Flea Market.  The flea marked was quite subdued today due to inclement weather, and was one big mud hole.  Almost all the outside booths were closed.  However, we found several things to look at inside, and Jim bought some mirror covers for his Country Coach motorhome and Kay found a blouse she couldn’t live without.

After whiling away the morning and early afternoon at the flea market, we arrived at Fat Daddy’s about 2:00 PM for a late lunch and were not disappointed with their smoked meats.  Kay and I split a plate of brisket, sausage, and pork tenderloin with sides of beans and slaw.  Jim had a similar plate, but with ribs which looked great, and Ginny had a burger.  Fat Daddy’s was out of T-shirts, but we promised Jim we would pick one up for him later this month.  Fat Daddy’s has license plates from almost all the states in the US and provinces in Canada. Last time we were there, February 2009, he did not have one from Arkansas, but promised us he would get one.  Well, this time, he had two, and we expressed to him our delight, as well as our pleasure in eating the food.

Next, we were off to the produce market across from the Don Wes Flea Market.  Jim and Ginny bought some oranges, and Kay bought some pineapple.

Back at Bentsen Palm Village RV Park, we had a window of non-rain and made a quick trip to the state park for Jim and Ginny to get their first glimpse of a green jay.  We were fortunate to also see several Great kiskadees (Pitangus sulphuratus) and Green jays (Cyuanocorax yncas), but no Plain chachalaca (Ortalis vetula).

By the time we arrived back at the motorhome, margarita hour had begun in the clubhouse.IMGP0199B  My, oh my, but was it ever packed.  We squeezed our way through with Italian meatballs in a barbecue sauce, and I got us a table where Kay joined me, and Jim and Ginny got margaritas.  After about an hour, it was over, and all of the meatballs, as well as the myriad of other hor’ dourves were gone.  My diet Dr. Pepper was quite good as well!  Maybe next year…

We returned to the motorhome for a farewell visit, after which Jim and Ginny left for their hotel and a return tomorrow to Rockport via South Padre Island.  We sure did have a great time with them, and it was indeed a pleasure getting to know them a bit better.  We’re hoping to see them in the Village or at a rally this spring.

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