Tuesday, February 7—The Valley Beckons New Guests

After coffee, email, and breakfast, Kay began the day with a Zumba exercise class while I walked the length of the park and back, carrying the trash to the dumpster in the process.  Oh, by the way, it’s raining again, with another 5 days of rain in the forecast. 

Just after lunch, new friends and fellow Arkansas Travelers, Jim and Ginny, arrived from Rockport, Texas, where they are spending a few weeks.  Jim and Ginny are from Hot Springs Village, and we took an instant liking to them when we first met at a rally in 2010.  Jim is a retired engineer/executive from Caterpillar, and Ginny is a retired accountant. They are visiting the Rio Grande Valley for the first time.

After Jim and Ginny took a tour of Bentsen Palm Village RV Park, Retama Village, and other properties owned, developed, and managed by Mike Rhodes with the Bentsen Palm Village RV Park manager, we drove to the Riverside Club for a late lunch.  To our surprise, a live country western band was playing, and Kay and I had to dance a country waltz first thing.  Jim ordered a pork tenderloin sandwich and the others of us ordered grilled chicken salads.  I swear his pork tenderloin was larger than most plates, and looked scrumptious.  If only I weren’t on Weight Watchers… 

We drove to Westlaco after lunch to visit Jim and Cheryl and Menlo and Micky, but much to our disappointment, Menlo and Micky had returned home to East Texas.  Jim and Cheryl were a hoot, and both are looking quite young with their tan, exercise, and other activities.  They gave Jim and Ginny the lowdown on several things to do and places to see in the Valley.  We had a great visit, but didn’t stay long as their RV park was having entertainment tonight.  We then drove a short distance to Llana Grande Resort in Mercedes.  Llana Grande is an upper scale park complete with golf course, but has a lot of park models intermingled with RVs.  We then drove back to Bentsen Palm Village, deboarding Jim and Ginny for their drive back to the hotel.

Having awakened at 4:30 AM, I called it a night pretty early. 

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