Idaho 2011, Day 32—Kayaking the Henry’s Fork

IMG_2109BLast night, an awesome wind began about 1 AM, and continued through the day, combined with cloudy skies and occasional rain.  Kay had plans to kayak the Henry’s Fork, leaving at 8:30 AM, and it looked doubtful for a while, but women in their 60s are not easily intimidated, and 5 of them were off to the southeast for the morning.  Meanwhile, I had fully intended to fish for gulpers at Hebgen Lake, only to be thwarted by heavy winds and rain.  I made 3 attempts to load stuff in the car, and each time, it would blow and rain, and the storm was headed northeast, in the direction of Hebgen Lake, so I gave up.  Anyway, it gave me a chance to do laundry, clean the motor home, and take care of some other maintenance. 

Kay had a delightful time, and really enjoyed the kayaking experience; hopefully, photos will be forthcoming later.  The Henry’s Fork of the Snake River section they kayaked begins at Big Springs and flows to Mack’s Inn, about a 2-1/2 hour float .  Though they had seen any moose on previous floats, they didn’t see any this trip and were much disappointed.

IMG_2119BThe wind continued to howl the rest of they day, up to 40+ miles per hour, making napping in the motor home impossible—we get seasick.  I went for a short walk on Red Rock Road, and saw two pairs of Sand Hill cranes and a couple of osprey.  Horses were grazing in the meadows and provided an almost idyllic backdrop for photos.IMG_2130B  The photo on the top of the page was taken about one half mile from the RV park.

Our movie for the night, featuring Sam Elliot, was You Know My Name.  It was about a true-to-life Oklahoma lawman shortly after the turn of the last century, and bringing order to Cromwell, Oklahoma—quiet good. 

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